Tim Ferriss told me I should read “The Magic of Thinking Big” (David Schwartz) once more.  So I’m reading it again to see if at 62 years old it can help me in creating backup income for my retirement.  The last time I had read it was 33 years ago and, although I’ve always thought I was thinking big, it doesn’t seem to be showing up in my bank account.

thinking big

Time to have a ‘reality’ check.

Right in the foreword, David Schwartz talks about a Sales Director who presents one of the salesmen who was making 5 times more than his colleagues.  There was no difference in terms

  • of intelligence or
  • how much he worked or
  • the recreation time he was able to take.

“The only difference between you and Harry is that he has ideas that are 5 times bigger”, the Sales Director declared.

This is a startling statement because most other things like intelligence we cannot do much about and recreation time has to do with the money available.  And I’ve always worked 70 hours a week, so hard work can’t be the key to success!

‘Thinking big’ is not believing what everyone else says

Many say that there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians.  However, according to an employment office director, there is 50 times more demand for jobs at an average salary level than for high-paying jobs as if you would lose your soul doing them.  And these jobs remain vacant, awaiting those that have the audacity to think big!

Milton in Paradise Lost’ said: “The mind is king in his kingdom and can turn heaven into hell or transform hell into heaven”.

People around you can get you to believe anything, including

1) Times are difficult and you’ll have to downsize when you get to retirement,

2) You’ll never have the means to buy your home.

3) Why do you think you deserve it more than anybody else?

The fact is they don’t want you to make it, Why?  Because otherwise, it takes away their excuse to do nothing.  Be satisfied with what you have (Status Quo).  They would rather you stay in the rut, drinking beer with their friends so that their wives won’t say; “Andy made it, why don’t you find out how he did it”?

Is it ‘hard work’ to start thinking big?

It may seem like too much work, to succeed in making money on the internet. But it really is easier to just buy the trip you wanted (because you have the cash), than to spend nights trying to find the best deal and then spend hours on seeing if it will fit with the budget.

As the poet said, “If you negotiate with life for a penny, a penny is all you will get”.

Just ask for (much) more out of life!  It’s the only one you’ll get.  Make full use of every hour.

Your ‘self-talk’ will make you miss some great opportunities.

…and you’ll have 2 to 3 big opportunities to change things in your life if you pay attention.

I know of a multi-millionaire who wanted to give a $1000 gift to passers-by.  But they refused to receive, though they needed it desperately. What was their ‘self-talk’ saying to them?

  • It was much more than my need for today
  • I don’t deserve it.
  • Why should I benefit rather than someone else who may need it more than I?
  • Maybe I’m putting the giver in financial difficulty? (The giver has a Rolls with a driver – that’s a lame one)
  • He must be on drugs…

But the multi-millionaire is ‘thinking big’.  “It is for you.  And if you have too much, I’m sure you will give some to someone else who needs some blessing (undeserved favor) too. I trust you to use it for the best today, but tomorrow’s needs have to be taken care of too”.

Daring to Think Big is also about “Audacity”

Thinking big is about ‘audacity’.  As salesmen of high-priced innovative office supply material, when the client asked for the minimum number of units required to buy, the best salesmen mentally doubled (or tripled) the amount he or she had in mind.  At least in 50% of the cases the client said ‘yes’ to the amount without any further ado (which doubled the order and commissions too). 

In the other cases, if they said the quantity was too much, the salesman says, Well those are the standard quantities … But we also have a starter pack of X quantity (half of what the had announced before) for people who just want to try.  Would our starter pack of X quantity be enough to try it out?  And the salesperson just retreated to the ‘standard quantity’ he would have asked for anyway.

But the lesson is when a future employer asks you how much you want as salary, double the amount you want and if you need to back off you always can.  But in many cases you may be surprised to find out later that he expected a much higher salary from you.

So these are some of the thoughts  I’ve had from reading this book and I warmly recommend you going to Amazon to order it if it is not lying around in your house somewhere.  Read the ‘Magic of thinking Big by David Schwartz’.  I will probably do good to your success mentality.

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To your success,

Andre Amsing

Digital Business Consultant

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