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Is Failure the Key to Success? by Andre Amsing

It may seem counter- intuitive, but without failure most learning simply never happens. In the world of business, especially online business, the key is to implement, crash and burn, get back up and implement again. There is no course, or training program that can do the job of learning the ropes and getting things dialed in. But there is failure and there is failure. Failure on the way to success is a learning process. Failure that stops you in your tracks, depresses and discourages you isn't helpful. But, then again, isn't that up to you?


Internet Marketing: The Ugly Truth (and what you can do about it) by B. Alex Amsing

I am truly sorry but the truth will set you free. It may hurt a bit in the process but that's the way truth generally works. We all come to this industry filled with hope for a quick win, but the ugly truth is that it takes work, money and dedication to make it in this online world. The good news is that with a business attitude from the start, you can truly "kill" it online but with a "get rich quick" attitude, you are destined to crash and burn and never rise again. Sorry about that.

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Step 1: Choose Your Strategy

March 05, 20242 min read


Before you start any kind of business, you need a strategy. What are you selling? How will you sell it? Where will you advertise? What business model have you chosen? Lots of questions to answer before you even open your doors. The same is true online.

It can be helpful to have a bird’s eye view of things to know what is possible, what is difficult, and what is downright NOT for you! We made it easier with our Roadmap2Success Infographic.

8 Reasons

There are three basic business models online (although some would say there are seven in total, three are basic to all the rest). You can sell physical products (we call that eCommerce) on sites like Amazon, Shopify or eBay (and many others).

You can sell digital products (we call that Affiliate Marketing) on your own site (usually). To start with you would be selling digital products (such as training courses and software) that belong to other people, but soon you will be creating your own.

The third business model is not about selling physical or digital products but rather services (usually to small business owners). We call that Local Client Consulting.

Deciding what strategy you will pursue is important as a first step. Getting your “offer or product strategy” worked out is essential to your success. We suggest that you start with Affiliate Marketing and take all of the work of creating and supporting a product off the table for now. All you have to focus on, really, is getting Traffic to the offers. We’ll talk more about that later.

We have an Introductory video that explains how our Roadmap2Success Infographic is laid out and how to use it to evaluate whatever opportunity comes your way. We also have a more in-depth Masterclass on Offer or Product Strategies that can give you a clearer idea of which direction to go.

Choosing Your Strategy is the FIRST Step…..

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