In John Thornhill’s eBook “18 Reasons Why you (may) NEVER succeed online”, he makes the reader come to grips with the reality of failure that precedes success. Ninety percent of your effort results in Failure.

Success is Failing as Fast as Possible. Those who would like to have the Power to Change their Future with an online business will fail… (at least once).  This statistic isn’t to discourage people.  Far from it!

Is failure an inevitable condition for success?

Many champions in any area have failed countless times before reaching success.  It is learning to resist and get over the failure that distinguishes champions from the others.  Those that learn to “fail as fast as possible” (and get back on their feet) will be part of the next “success story.”

John Thornhill is the mentor who will give you the means to succeed.

John Thornhill, with his eBook, “Why you’ll never succeed online” will help you go to the core of what it takes to succeed in any area, whether it be sports, business, or your marriage.

Why buying online courses’ doesn’t guarantee success.

Most people have spent a lot of money on courses on how to make money online.  Their computer is stacked with them.  If they could resell them they could probably go for a long vacation.

Is it because these courses don’t keep their promises?  Well maybe in some cases.  But the fact, is we buy into a dream to work from home and make money we need or want.  We no longer want to spend hours in traffic jams to get to the physical location of our job where we are busily making someone else rich.

success or failure
Buying into a dream

But the real question is, “Are we ready to pay the price to get time freedom, money freedom, and geographical freedom”?

The ones who succeed, like in any endeavor, have a certain mindset.

With the Internet, you can go from “failure thinking” to “success mentality”.

What is great about the Internet is that you can change the way you think.  The frustration you feel and the feeling that you are stuck in a “dead-end” is a result of decisions and reasoning you held it the past.

It may have been the right thing to do at the time but the world is changing fast and we are still clinging to outdated thinking.

What is fantastic with the Internet is that you can spend time through videos and eBooks with those who have done it!  We call them mentors.  It is absolutely necessary to decide to apply yourself and buckle down to force yourself to start making money with any online opportunity.  Why?

The specialists say that in the next 5 years (I’m writing this in March 2019) 40% of existing jobs are going online.  That means that either you learn to make money online or you learn to do without revenues (which is not an option!).

So here are the things John Thornhill says are holding us back from success:

You’ll never succeed online if you have the wrong mindset.

  • You will never succeed online if you quit at the first hurdle.
  • You’ll never succeed online if you think everything is too technical.
  • You’ll never succeed online if you want to earn money doing nothing.
  • You’ll never succeed online if you are part of the herd.
  • You’ll never succeed online if you don’t have your subscribers and customer’s interests at heart.
  • You’ll never succeed online if you don’t build a list.
  • You’ll never succeed online if you always moan about your current situation.
  • You’ll never succeed online if you think the world owes you
  • You’ll never succeed online if you think you don’t have the time.
  • You’ll never succeed online if you think having no money prevents you from being successful.
  • You’ll never succeed online if you are scared of failure.
  • You’ll never succeed online if you think everything online is a scam.
  • You’ll never succeed online if you keep jumping from product to product.
  • You’ll never succeed online if all you think about is making money.
  • You’ll never succeed online if you are not willing to help others.
  • You’ll never succeed online if you create poor-quality work.

And the most important one to avoid permanent failure is:

  • You’ll never succeed online if you don’t have a mentor.

The last one is the most important key to success.  If you study those who have succeeded online, ALL of them decided one day to invest in a mentor.  You can so easily get lost in the labyrinth of what you need to learn.  A mentor keeps you on track.

Right now, I’m following John’s “Affiliate Promo Formula” course and I’m amazed at how good a teacher he is.

Since my brother (Bert) and I are working closely with John Thornhill, we have permission to rewrite his ebook and put it in our own words so to speak, and add any stories or ideas we might have to amplify what John is saying.  Bert (Alex) Amsing did a pretty good job with his version of the ebook called Internet Marketing: The Ugly Truth (and what you can do about it). 

So go ahead and download the free eBook HERE (or click on the image to the right).

And read “Internet Marketing: The Ugly Truth (and what you can do about it)” and decide that THIS year will be your financial breakthrough year!

To your success,

Andre Amsing

Digital Business Consultant

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