It is not every day that a veteran affiliate marketer shares his “Proven Formula” which explains his online success. I’m Andre Amsing from Roadmap 2 success and I’d like to invite you to an exclusive webinar John Thornhill is holding this week where he shares his “Proven Formula” on “How to Create your own Internet Business starting from zero”.

Access his free training through this page:

Who is John Thornhill?

You may have never heard of John Thornhill before, but the major digital platforms have!  He is one of the top sellers on Click Bank and JV Zoo and making them a lot of money!

John was a struggling worker in a car plant in Northern England, deeply in debt and just couldn’t live with the income they gave him. He was a human-robot building a car door every 90 seconds (even during his sleep!)

Like you, he started to look for solutions on the Internet. What made him different than most who only dream about it? John is very thorough in what he does.  He made sure he not only learned but also applied what was taught. 

He was able to leave his J.O.B. to others who needed it more than himself and has become a living example that IT IS POSSIBLE. His secret was to understand 2 things:

  1. You succeed faster if you have a MENTOR (who has already done it and is willing to show you step-by-step what needs to be done.
  2. In order to get Massive success you can’t JUST be an affiliate marketer. You must be selling your own digital products and services online.  And since 2004 he created over 25 best-selling products.

BUT he knows most of us need money right away and don’t have the time to go through the learning curve.

What is his Proven Formula?

So he has created the program which is not just one more online course.  The Ambassador VIP program invites students to be ambassadors for cash-producing courses that have already proved their value on the market.

He takes away all the time-consuming hurdles that prevent so many would-be entrepreneurs from getting to the end of the process.  Their project is to create an ongoing regular income from the Internet, but 90%  never get there for the following reasons:

What are the hurdles to overcome?

  1. They don’t have their own product to sell.  John gives you the license to sell 25 of his best-selling digital products and keep 100% commissions of all the products in the funnel.  And for all the high-ticket products (which includes coaching from him) the commissions are shared 50-50.
  2. They don’t know how to set up a sales funnel.  John gives his students a custom-built sales funnel to his webinar which generates $1182 in commissions each time there is a sale.
  3. Don’t know how to capture emails so you have a targeted audience to sell to (this free traffic you never have to pay for again).  The Ambassador VIP program sets that up for you.
  4. Knowing how to write effective emails (copywriting).  A follow-up sequence of 99 emails (and soon 365) are prewritten by professionals. And they can be added to your autoresponder in 30 seconds.
  5. Choosing the products to sell.  Besides the license to his best-selling products, the Ambassador team sources the most profitable products on Click Bank. And they will insert your affiliate link in the automatic email sequence.  In that way, you are ensured of ongoing sales to support your laptop lifestyle.
  6. What John will reveal in his Webinar is unheard of in the affiliate marketing world.  He will set up a custom JV page to recruit affiliates for your products yourself (since you own them).

Are there any “Proven Formula” Bonuses?

And that is what gives you the financial freedom and the time to enjoy it.

He also adds some fantastic bonuses that will change the game for you. It gets you “buyer” traffic from his own lists. We want “buyer traffic” to make sales (not just people looking for “freebies”). 

But I would suggest setting aside the time to watch his FREE training and take notes.  Because John Thornhill has been where you are.  And he is making an offer that can change your financial life forever.

To your success,

Andre Amsing

Digital Business Consultant

P.S.  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to me at  You can also access our REVIEW of the Ambassador VIP Program if you want.  Let me know what you think.  Enjoy!