How do you finance your Ad campaigns with the ‘Thank you page’ strategy? Anyone that wants to build an email list fast knows that paid ads are very effective. But how can you finance it if you don’t have much of a budget?

Most of the visitors that will click on your offer to download a free eBook or video are looking for just that:  something free. But we have a business to run. How can an online marketer profit from the brief contact a visitor has with your website?

The Thank You Page strategy by Anik Singal. 

There is an interesting strategy that I learned with Anik Singal but is taught by all the top marketers in their coaching classes, called the Thank You Page Strategy (TYP).  When the visitor fills out the opt-in form with his name and email to get the free gift, a Thank you page is sent immediately with a message saying… Thank You, and saying the gift is on the way and to check their spam folder in case they don’t see the email with the download link in their inbox.  

Take a look at this example:  Click HERE to optin (or click on the image).

You gave us (again) your email address and were directed to our TYP.  In addition, your ebook is on the way (or you could download it on the Thank You Page. 

According to these marketers, the Thank You Page is a piece of ‘real-estate’ that most marketers don’t think of using. The visitor has just reacted to your call to action.  It is the best moment to give him access to some special offer.

How should the Thank You Page be written?

The simplest form is this, but pay attention to the Thank You Pages of the products you download and do screenshots to get ideas.

“Wait! Before you continue! I have a special offer for you. Click on the button below to get instant access”

What is a CPA offer?

CPA means ‘cost per action’ or CPL is ‘Cost per lead’.  This is the amount of money an advertiser is willing to pay you to capture some information from your visitor.  You will generally get paid about a dollar for each zip code lead capture you can get.  

Usually, a free gift such as a gift card for a free dinner, or the chance to win an iPad, or something similar is used to persuade people to enter their zip code.  This gets people into the funnel of the marketer that’s paying you for the information. You are basically providing the company you are working for with a lead.

If someone provides an email address, you will get paid around $1.50 for this.  They would need to put in their email to download something as for your eBook or video.  But this means of providing a lead does not convert as well (around 35%) whereas getting a zip code submit converts around 50%.

The Thank You page should have a pre-sell video

You can inform people, in the video, that a great deal is waiting for them. All they need to do is click on the link in the description below.  

There are offers that pay much better, between $8 and $20.  You can presell this type of offer through a YouTube video. Basically you inform people that if they fill out the form they can get a lower insurance rate, for example.  But this works very well with financial offers like credit score offers, loan offers or (student) debt relief offers. You might want to presell the prospect through your video, on the importance of credit monitoring and recommend a service. 

When the prospect actually sees the offer on your TYP or through the link in the description of your video, it is easy for him to fill out the form because he knows what he/she is getting into.

There are also many free trial offers in the health food or weight loss domains that easily pay 30$ to 60$.  This is because, if the client wants to receive the free bottle of supplements, he needs to fill out his whole address. This allows the advertiser to follow up with other offers later.

Where can we find these Thank you page offers?

Thank you page
Thank you page Strategy

Go to  There are 40000 offers available in any area.  You need to get accepted by an ad network first. They are looking for people who already have a mailing list of over 10K prospects.  However if you are up and coming they may see your potential if you call them to present your case.

You can invent your own offer by rewriting some Private Label Rights products you can find on their website. Or go to to find a Self-liquidating offer (SLO) for your niche. (The idea is to come out even with your advertising expenses to be able to scale up faster). The good price point here is $7.  

Your prospect has just filled in his email for your offer for a free eBook.  You ask him to check out a great deal you have for him. He clicks on it and if he buys the special deal, you get 50% commission ($3.50) from the vendor through ClickBank. 

Why not sell your own Self Liquidating Offer (SLO) on Clickbank to other marketers?

If you create your own SLO offer, and you let Clickbank take care of the payments, fulfillment, and eventual refunds, you get the total amount minus Clickbank’s service fees.  

Plus other affiliates may be looking for a Self-liquidating product, and you are providing it.  They will help you to build your buyers email list and Clickbank will make sure they get their commissions.

Case Study “Internet Marketing: The Ugly Truth (and what you can do about it).”

You may have noticed on the screenshot above that while the prospect is downloading the e-book, he or she is also invited to check out Step Two where there is a special offer.  The video presells them on the offer. 

We said that this strategy pays the targeted traffic you want to buy come to your offers.  Of course, not all traffic is paid, so if you are doing free traffic like YouTube, the money is in your pocket.  If you do paid solo ads that you pay around $1 per qualified lead, this Thank You Page strategy is a great way to offset costs.

Last Thoughts about the Thank you page

Last thoughts:  Unless you are just promoting CPA offers to get money, it is better that your SLO (Self-liquidating offer) is relevant to what your own offer is.  For example if your Free ebook offer is ‘9 ways to make money with YouTube’ then your Thank You Page offer should be a product without which your first offer would not be complete, like ‘8 Other Ways to Make Money with YouTube’.  You could add on a bonus video to make your $7 SLO offer irresistible.  

The main thing with this Thank You Page strategy with an SLO offer is that you are building a buyers list, not just a subscribers list.  These are buyers who have bought something from you and that is worth a lot for you to have a ‘call-to-action’ that brings them on this special list.  Each buyer is worth $1 average per month from then on because some will also buy the other product offers you will send them as the months go by. Take good care of them!

How much did you say an email list of 10,000 is worth every month?

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