Traffic is simply “eyeballs on your offer.” If you had a brick-and-mortar store, traffic would be the people who walk in to your store. But since we are talking about an online, virtual business, we have to talk about “eyeballs” looking at your website, your social sites, your video sites.

Traffic is people in your funnel. They may be leads. They may be prospects. They may be clients. It depends on where they are in the process. Without traffic, and lots of it, you have NO possibility of making a sale. It seems rather obvious but so many people get caught up with creating thier “funnel system” that they run out of steam when it comes time to get traffic flowing.

In Affiliate Marketing you can let the Product Creator/Owner do the work of creating a “funnel system” and you can focus on getting traffic. That’s why you get paid the big bucks. Often you will get 50% to 100% of the money on the upfront product in the funnel (usually there are multiple product offers in one funnel).

But be careful! You have to choose wisely. Sending traffic into a funnel that does not convert (i.e. produce sales) is a waste of time and money. All parts of the system must be working well, whether you are doing it yourself or you are “sharing” the system/platform with someone else.

So Getting Traffic to Flow is the THIRD step…..

It’s not enough to just get Traffic into your funnel to see your product offers. You need to get them to come back – more than once. Often it takes up to seven times for a person to see your offer before they make a buying decision. How will you get them to come back? Build a list of email addresses….

This is your most valuable asset in online marketing. Building a list of email subscribers (and YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers and Facebook followers etc) is the MOST important task that you have.

Not only can you email your initial traffic “eyeballs” again (and again and again) but you can send interesting, unique emails to brand yourself, improve your reputation and create a loyal fan base of people who know, like and trust you.

Simply put: If you don’t build an email list, you are setting yourself up for FAILURE. Yes, it’s that important. And there are tips, tricks and strategies for building a list fast and strong. We will explain all of them as we go along.

For now, it is only important for you to understand that the next step is to Build Your List……