You are right.  One great product or service selling 24/7 bringing clients to a buying decision with Autopilot Funnels and your income is set up for this year.
It’s even better if the sales process can be automated and that is what a profitable sales funnel can do for your business.

The Coronavirus shutdown is affecting all businesses that need to continue selling products or services to physical clients. So solutions need to be found!

But doing a good demonstration of your leading product or service is not the same thing as bringing a client to a “buying decision”.  Because in the end, your business needs buying clients and not window shoppers. That is why the following strategies are not sufficient:

These strategies are necessary but a good funnel gets you a buying decision

  1. Making a website that is mobile-phone responsive (because 70% of your potential clients visit your business website with their mobile phone),
  2. or creating videos to present the advantages of your business (because 70% of your visitors will choose a visual over anything written),
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)(To get your online presence at the top of Page One of Google (50 to 90% of the clicks) – takes 6 to 12 months.

But here is our biggest pain point: The potential clients often want instant answers and don’t take enough time to really study your offer.

That’s why you need to look into high converting webinars and automated sales funnels like Autopilot funnels that bring clients to a buying decision.

Working IN our business or working ON our business

No doubt the Coronavirus shutdown in many countries is giving us the time to think through our priorities. It is all the difference between working IN our business and working ON our business.

Our biggest problem is the limited time we have available.  And the even bigger challenge is to use our time efficiently to think and act on the RIGHT things.

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Note: Click Bank Builder changed its name in 2020 to Autopilot Events

So let me give you an Insider’s Secret.

During my high school years (1971), my business teacher asked us who had 500 dollars.  I raised my hands along with 5 or 6 others. He asked, “Have you heard about “International Business Machines”?  No one had heard of them. “Put all the money you can into this company” (it was IBM), “and you’ll make your fortune!  We had the insider information that could have changed our financial lives. But did we act on it? No, I was more interested in buying a 350cc Honda motorcycle to impress the girls. (And they were more impressed by the motorcycle than by me…).

So here’s today’s “insider information” about using a funnel to get a buying decision

Learn how to Create Online Income for your business by using Autopilot Funnels.  

Invite your potential clients to a webinar using built-in conversion methods that lead to a buying decision. People are willing to spend time learning something.  The sales funnel sets up a time to get the information and also follows up on them if they miss the scheduled hour.

Clone the best sales demo to get a buying decision using a funnel

> By using a funnel, you can film the sales demo of your best salesperson (maybe it is you) and create a video.

> He/she will use their “secret” methods to “close” the client.

> This becomes an “automated” sales funnel (a web property) that works for your business 24/7

Would automating the process of getting “buyer leads”, plus a system that brings clients to a buying decision save you time?  Of course it will, even if you use it only to get 20% more business this year. 

Autopilot funnels
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Who is Autopilot funnels for?

– Businesses that sell higher priced products or services through salespersons that need time in front of the clients to present it. 

– Professional Trainers that want to have an extra income stream to sell their training to clients online.  Many business owners don’t have the time to invest in a conference but will be glad to watch (and pay for) the videos of your online training course.  

– For consultants who want to drive traffic to One-to-One mentoring calls.

– Selling products as an Affiliate:  Funnels can help you sell other people’s digital products in any field. You can find them on diverse platforms like Click Bank, Udemy, or Digistore24.  Learning how to build a funnel will allow you to practice your “pitch” before promoting your own product.

Getting Income from the Internet with Autopilot funnels

You are right, having an automated sales funnel IS the answer.  Just one product and a highly converting sales funnel that runs on autopilot can change your life forever. Register here for the free training class done by Justin Atlan from Autopilot Events.

He was the head of a very successful affiliate marketing platform called Click Bank and now CEO of Autopilot events.

Let me share with you the 3 things you want to look-for in a funnel:

The Number 1 thing you want in a highly profitable sales funnel

You don’t want to have to go through another never-ending learning curve. Maybe that has happened to you! 

Wouldn’t it be better that you have the top sales page and conversion specialists (the ones that do it for 7 figure marketers on Click Bank) to guide you and get it right the first time? 

You are not here only to learn but to make your first online profits or scale the success you already have. Right?  This is what the Click Bank team will do for you.

Don’t need any technical skills to make income

Number 2   You want it to be fully optimized and automated with nothing that needs to be fixed. 

Why not have your funnel on a platform that already has the different pieces connected (opt-in page, thank you page, sales page, upsells, product delivery page and follow up sequences).

Everyone that has succeeded online got started like you. 

But they never had a tool like AutoPilot Funnels to multiply and automate the results. 

If you want to be able to travel when you want, work from anywhere and be earning income passively you need to look into this right now. 

Over-the-Shoulder Income Case Study with Autopilot funnels

Number 3 The third thing, and this is really cool, is you get to see a complete case study of how Justin sets up a funnel with someone who has content but no technical skills and gets him, clients, all this within 24 hours.  On top of that, there are many interviews of top marketers on ClickBank who share their traffic strategies with you.

  • Learn from the best to set up a highly profitable and automated sales funnel (no trial and error and having to start over)
  • Have it on an optimized platform where everything is integrated with no bugs (Autopilot Events and Clickbank take care of it and makes sure it works)
  • And you get to watch a case study with Justin (over-the-shoulder) as he does it step-by-step.

Free online Training class on how to get a buying decision

If you are interested in learning more about funnels, hop on the free online training class.  Justin will break down this stuff in detail and show you how you can build yourself a 6-figure (side) income this year.  Just click on the link to get your spot on the free web class.

Remember, the solution you have been looking for is having highly converting funnels that bring people to a buying decision.  Conversions are automatically built into the Autopilot Funnels. On top of that, it doesn’t require any tech skills since it is set up by the best in the industry.  The top marketers on their platform will show you how to sell products with multiple $500 to $1000 income streams. And you don’t need many of those to get to 10K per month and change your life.

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