The Ambassador program teaches business owners how to expand online. If the Coronavirus shutdown has taught us anything, people are going online to find the products they need.  Amazon is booming and home delivery is expanding faster than ever before. 


John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program

Small business owners are adapting their marketing tactics because no one knows what the economic aftermath of this pandemic will be in terms of how we do business.  But creating your own online store can be expensive and time-consuming.  And the skills needed, take time to learn. Affiliate marketing, the way the Ambassador program teaches it may be the way to expand online.

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Proven formula

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What is Affiliate Marketing the Ambassador Way

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An “affiliate marketing” entrepreneur does not sell his own products. Research is done to find products that the market wants.  His job is to make potential buyers aware of the benefits and advantages of the product through his marketing.  And the product owner shares the commissions on each sale.  (usually 50-50).

In a time, where business owners can’t just coast along with a wait-and-see attitude, they do have the time to study alternative ways of doing business.

I want you to meet John Thornhill.

He is a master in affiliate marketing and among the top 1% of successful sellers on the Click Bank digital marketplace and on JV ZOO. He now is making a very good living working from his home with a computer.  And since everything that is time-consuming is either outsourced to skilled workers or automated, he has the money and the time to enjoy it.

But it was not always so.  16 years ago, John was a struggling worker in a car plant in Northern England, deeply in debt, and just couldn’t live with the income they gave him. He was a human-robot, building a car door every 90 seconds (even during his sleep!)

John Thornhill

So like you, he started to look for solutions on the Internet.  he HAD to find a way out!

The Ambassador Program has the key to online success

The key to online success, however, is not doing hours of research.  This is what people do and it keeps them busy.  But they know something about everything without having any serious income to show for it.

The Key is getting a Mentor to show you -step-by-step what he has done to succeed. And more importantly, the rabbit holes he went down that wasted his time.  And frankly, it is time we cannot afford to waste.

The research has already been done by successful marketers who know what works and what doesn’t.  You don’t need to continue to research new ideas. Most would-be entrepreneurs are unaware that those who really want to succeed, COPY what other people are doing to SUCCEED.

John will help you to reduce the time needed to do the research.  Like you, he was looking for the fastest way to get into the money without needing any tech skills or experience.  He wanted it to be simple because he had no more time to go through never-ending learning curves. 

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John Thornhill Ambassador VIP – his flagship program

John has created his flagship program called John Thornhill Ambassador VIP.  From his 15 years of success in this industry, it is not just another online course to learn even more.  This is a step-by-step system that gets real results.

He has a “Proven Formula” he has followed which accounts for his success.  Register for his webinar where he explains it in detail.

In order to get Massive success online you can’t JUST be an affiliate marketer. You must be selling your own digital products and services online”.  And since 2004 he created over 25 best-selling products.

Of course, you could be asking yourself, “If I get John as a MENTOR how will that help me for affiliate marketing (since I need to be selling my own digital products – which I don’t have)”?

Get to the Money first

He knows most of us need money right away and don’t have the time to go through the learning curve to learn to create digital assets and to market them.

So he has created the program which is so much more than just an online course. 

The John Thornhill Ambassador VIP program invites students to be ambassadors for his 25 cash-producing courses that have already proved their value on the market.

He takes away all the time-consuming hurdles that prevent so many entrepreneurs from making it to success.  Their project is to create an ongoing regular income from the Internet, but 90%  never get there for the following reasons:

Taking away the time-consuming hurdles

  1. Having their own product to sell?  John gives you the license to sell 25 of his best-selling digital products and keep 100% commissions of all the products in the funnel.  And for all the high-ticket items (which includes coaching from him) the commissions are shared 50-50.
  2. Set up a sales funnel?  John gives his students a custom-built sales funnel to his webinar which generates $1182 in commissions each time there is a sale.
  3. Need to be Building a list? Everyone needs a targeted audience to sell to, so you need to know how to capture emails with a lead magnet.  (This is free traffic you never have to pay for again).  The Ambassador VIP program sets that up for you.
  4. Copywriting?  Knowing how to write effective emails so that your audience loves following you is crucial for ongoing revenues.  A follow-up sequence of 99 emails (and soon for a whole year) is prewritten by copywriters and can be added to your autoresponder in 30 seconds.
  5. Choice of the right products to sell. Besides the license to his best-selling products, the Ambassador team inserts your affiliate link in the follow-up sequence to the most profitable products on Click Bank.  In that way, you are guaranteed to have high commission products to sell ongoing to support your online lifestyle.

An unfair advantage

Finally, John reveals in his Webinar something that is unheard of in the affiliate marketing world.  He will set up a custom JV page so you can recruit affiliates yourself for your products (since you own them). As affiliates get new clients for you, the commissions are shared but you get the new buyers on your email list.  And in that way, you can keep marketing to them.

And that is what gives you the financial freedom and the time to enjoy it.

What about traffic?

We want “buyer traffic” to make sales (not just people looking for “freebies”).  So John has added some time-saving bonuses that will change the game for you.  He has a complete training on getting both free and paid traffic.  But best of all, he allows his students to get buyer traffic from his own lists.

I would suggest setting aside the time to watch his FREE training and take notes.  Because John Thornhill has been where you are.  But you can’t afford to stay there.  With the John Thornhill Ambassador VIP Program, he is making an offer that gives you the Power to Change Your Future.

To make the Ambassador offer even better

And Andre from Online Income Roadmap wants to make his offer even better.

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Start designing the life of your dreams.  With your affiliate marketing business, you can earn a side income of $2,500 extra per month just with 4 hours per week.  Or build a 6-figure automated business with passive income working when you choose.