He is a master in affiliate marketing and among the top 1% of successful sellers on the ClickBank digital marketplace and on JV ZOO. He now is making a very good living working from his home with a computer.  And since everything that is time-consuming is either outsourced to skilled workers or automated, he has the money and the time to enjoy it.

But it was not always so.  16 years ago, John was a struggling worker in a car plant in Northern England, deeply in debt, and just couldn’t live with the income they gave him. He was a human-robot, building a car door every 90 seconds (even during his sleep!)

He realized that he needed to make a change and typed into Google one day the question “How to make money online.?”

That started a journey that resulted in a multi-million dollar business today.  But it was not always easy and John wished he had someone to talk to, someone who could guide him, show him the ropes, teach

him what to do in a step-by-step process.  He made it anyway but it took longer and cost more than if he had had a mentor to work with.

And that is why he became a teacher and a mentor.  He knows how important it is to be accountable, to stay focused and to have the right information on a step-by-step basis rather than getting overwhelmed with a deluge of knowledge all at once.  John is a Master teacher and that is a rare breed in online marketing.

The best way to evaluate the effectiveness of a teacher, it seems to me, is to ask the students.  And what students he has.  Everybody from Steve Alvey (Warlord Entrepreneur) to Omar and Melinda Martin (Higher Level Strategies) to Shelly Penny (PLR Experts) just to name a few.  And his students are ultra-loyal to him and support all of his launches and promotions.  It is a tight-knit group that works together to help the entire community.

John’s legacy program is Partnership to Success but he also invented the Ambassador VIP program to help his students make money fast so they could “earn while they learn.”  Both programs are gems and worth their weight in gold.  Check them out on this website (see the sidebar).

Welcome to the team!

John Thornhill