Hello, this is Bert Amsing from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We decided to include these ABOUT ME profile snippets because people seem to like the idea of learning about our journey to success online.  Truth is that I’m not sure I would call myself a success yet.  Lol

I originally started this whole endeavor because I wanted to learn how to promote and sell my books.

I was trained as a Pastor in the evangelical world of Christianity but ended up working more outside of the church than inside it.  I was always an entrepreneur and I found my calling in writing, speaking and coaching in the area of spirituality.  If you want to check out some of my books, go to my website called www.desertwarrior.net.  Enjoy!

I haven’t published any of those books yet but I plan to do so some time soon.  We are planning to move back to Canada in the next year or so and it would be ideal for me to do that when I am there.  It isn’t just about publishing but about promoting those books online and offline.  That means speaking engagements, podcasts, radio shows and the like.  For that, I need to be back in Canada.

My youngest daughter, Michelle, is just finishing High School here in Argentina and is planning to go to the Universtity of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada in the fall.  Melanie, our oldest daughter, is already there and can help her with the process.  As a family, we are ready to move back to Canada as well.

So that was always my goal.  To use internet marketing as a way to build an audience and promote my books.  Without doing that first, it is unlikely that I will get a good agent or a publisher.  So that is my focus.  And because that was my interest, I took my time and learnt everything that I could.  The goal at the beginning was not really on making money but rather on learning everything that I could about all of the different areas of internet marketing.

I have a good handle on eCommerce and Shopify and Amazon (and I plan to use Kindle extensively once I get up and running).  I have also learnt a lot about Local Client Consulting and Coaching which I am also very interested in as a Spiritual Life Coach.  But, ultimately, I have decided to focus on Affiliate Marketing and learn how to sell digital products and software to a large list of email subscribers.

So, yes, it has taken me a few years to get to this point but that is nothing new.  When I studied at Bible College and Seminary, I also took my time and studied for almost 12 years what other people did in 7 or 8.  When I’m interested in the subject, I like to take my time.

Still, making money is important and we are now focused on that goal.  I also need money to make my dream of becoming an author, speaker and coach a reality.  And we believe that email marketing is the way to go.

My wife, Vero, sends her regards and my daughters, Melanie and Michelle, wish you all the best in your journey to success as well.  We love to give support so please reach out and ask us any questions you have.  Talk soon.

Bert Amsing, Buenos Aires, Argentina

P.S.  If you are also a Christian Writer, Pastor or missionary, we would love to hear from you.  We have a particular desire to help our fellow Christians make money online so that they can generate the resources they need for their respective ministries.  Let me know how we can help you.  Blessings.