Roadmap 2 Success: It’s about 2 brothers working together.  Andre Amsing and Bert Amsing grew up in Ontario, Canada.  They are from a no-nonsense Dutch Canadian background. Being both online and offline entrepreneurs, they understand that the crucial thing in order to avoid failure in business is to have a mentor that already has done it. 

About Roadmap 2 Success
Learn from a Mentor that can help you move higher

It’s a myth that you can make $10,000 a month with no work and by going it alone.  It just won’t happen without some effort and specialized advice.  

Pro Tip: You actually need a roadmap to follow. Sell anything that you don’t need for now to get the cash needed to launch your internet business.  And the first person to invest in – is yourself. No one else can (or will) do it!

Because it is really a matter of how you think.  It has to do with your belief in your capacity to learn.  And, more than anything, if you have finally decided to do the work.  Even if you have to pay something to get access to a mentor’s “know-how”, it is worth every penny.

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Because, as they say, “time is money”.  The fact is if you lose money you can always get it back.  But every hour of your time lost in going down rabbit holes that lead nowhere, is lost forever.  So it is much better learning from someone else’s experience and mistakes.

What are you dreaming about?

  • Creating a regular stream of ongoing income that once set up, is hands off. 
  • Being able to leave your 9 to 5 corporate job
  • Having the means to stay at home and take care of your children or a family member needing your help?
  • Bring in enough money to pay off your home?
  • Have the means to travel wherever you want with enough money to live?
  • Run your business from your computer anywhere you have a internet connection.
  • Make sure that during your retirement years, you’ll have enough to meet your needs as well as to be able to contribute to good causes?
  • As Tim Ferriss would say in his book “The Four Hour Week”, build an Internet business so you can get something that never in the history of man has been possible before this “information age”.  Get geographical and time freedom all the while having enough money to enjoy it.

It’s not about Roadmap 2 Success. We know it’s about You!

You have come to the right place.  Those are our objectives also. You are not alone.  We will walk this road together!

Andre and Bert Amsing
P.S. While we are at it let me offer a FREE e-book from John Thornhill that explains what it takes to succeed with an online business.