There is an economic crisis looming (January 2021). And small businesses are realizing that they need to create an online income. During the Covid 19 lockdown, clients are finding what they need online. And online businesses are booming.

Digital entrepreneurs don’t care if the politicians take the credit for their doing since that is not the motor for their actions. Everyone fights for what he doesn’t have.

The digital revolution now allows entrepreneurs to create MASSIVE online income

Entrepreneurs are those who create the riches that make an economy function. This is a great surprise to those in ‘socialist mentality’ countries where the people think it is the government that creates prosperity. So in this article, we are going to share what a new breed of digital entrepreneurs are doing to assure their financial future by creating an online income.

1. Digital Entrepreneurs have the “right” Mindset.

Digital powerhouses like GoogleAmazonYouTube, and Facebook were all born during the economic crisis.  Their founders understood the paradigm shift that was coming.  And like any good surfer, swam hard to be on top of the wave rather than underwater.

Whatever the handicap, it can be overcome
Whatever the handicap, it can be overcome

It is very interesting to see a swimmer who is handicapped by having no arms can swim faster than others who have all their members.  He should “feel” handicapped, but he has taken a ‘mental decision’ to use to the best what capacities he has.

So the real handicap is to believe you don’t have what it takes and that you never really put your ‘weight into the balance’ to force the circumstances to allow you to succeed.

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2. Mindset – Digital Entrepreneurs focus on their strengths.

An Entrepreneur’s mentality is using what capacity you have and outsourcing the rest to others who may be more gifted than you in certain fields.  The main thing is to focus on your strong points.  Usually, they are things like-

  • having a vision of what can be,
  • knowing the whole process to follow from conception to production to putting the product out to the market
  • and the capacity to get back on your feet after failure.
online income
The Leap to Freedom

Having a vision of what can be

These are decisive between succeeding or not.

3. Money – Digital Entrepreneurs don’t waste their time.

He doesn’t spend his time blaming the system, past mishaps or the lack of commitment from the workers.  Some employees spend more time defending so-called ‘guaranteed’ advantages (at least in France) than working on the ‘income producing tool’ that provides these perks.  They are pleasant but absolutely not guaranteed.

  • If the entrepreneur finds the system taking too much of his operating and investing capital away from him, he will find another place (country) to work where he can keep more of the fruits of his labors. And the digital entrepreneur has discovered that by working on the Internet he can set up his business in countries that are more fiscally attractive.  He can also work virtually from anywhere!
  • If he doesn’t make enough with one business, he will start up another one and get a manager to care for the first one. He has learned more since the first time around and he can set up a second or third business (that works on autopilot) even faster. The digital entrepreneur learns to obtain his freedom (and make more money) with the same time investment.

4. Money – Digital Entrepreneurs invest in themselves.

In the digital world, I’m learning from many top level marketers. Some, like Ryan Deiss and his team have built hundreds of businesses.  They have invested thousands of dollars in mentors and hundreds of thousands of dollars in split-testing what they are doing so that the time and energy spent is optimized.

Basically, they are passionate about building income producing machines (sales funnels). Find out How to do it from Devon Brown and his 12 minute Affiliate System.

5. Motivation – Digital Entrepreneurs want passive income.

That is what poor people think because they always think having more will solve their problems.

It is not a matter of creating more jobs.  That’s what the government thinks because that’s what they think the country needs.

As entrepreneurs know, people are not looking for a job but for revenues.

If they have a choice most people will choose on-going revenues of some kind, even if very limited, over a stressful job situation. That’s why they rather stay unemployed as long as possible because they have ongoing revenues (even if it’s not much) and time to live.

Actually, governments don’t create jobs unless they spend taxpayer’s money to finance the public services the people are asking for. Of course, real services are provided. But the system is difficult to optimize because all citizens have to be serviced. This includes those who do not contribute to the system. 

Politicians like taking the credit if the economic situation of the country improves.  Entrepreneurs don’t care if the politicians take the credit for their doing since that is not the motor for their action. Everyone fights for what he doesn’t have.

6. Motivation – Digital Entrepreneurs want Freedom (financial, time, geographical).

What motivates digital entrepreneurs is the possibility of exercising their creativity to set up income-producing systems.  And when you are selling information products like your know-how or expertise as a professional trainer you are basically creating a product out of thin air!

And the reward is the freedom to get your time back and watch the system run on auto-pilot.  These are the royalties of doing the job right.  That is why even top-level marketers spend 50K or more a year for being part of Masterminds where they keep on learning the cutting edge techniques of internet marketing.

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So this is what I’m suggesting for all would-be digital entrepreneurs:

  • Create an automatic ‘income-producing’ system that runs all by itself.
  • Add different streams of online income as you learn more.
  • In the beginning, you can do it all yourself to learn. But afterward, start outsourcing to others to get back your time.
  • Keep investing in yourself by having several mentors to teach you and hold you accountable to applying the latest technology.

7.  Mindset – Digital Entrepreneurs want the Power to Change their Future!

When you know WHY you are doing this:  Exercising your creativity, your reward will be –

“The freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, if others are ready or not!”

To your success,

Andre Amsing

Digital Business Consultant

P.S.  Feel free to reach out to me at any time at  Talk soon.